EchoTest featuring Julie Slick & Special Guests, Out of the Beardspace, HmfO: A Hall & Oates Tribute

Julie Slick's 30th Birthday Show

EchoTest featuring Julie Slick & Special Guests

Out of the Beardspace

HmfO: A Hall & Oates Tribute

January 30 · Saturday

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$16 Advance / $20 Day of Show

This event is 21 and over

EchoTest featuring Julie Slick & Special Guests
EchoTest featuring Julie Slick & Special Guests
the sound of best friends holding hands and spinning around until they throw up:

Having met through the Three of a Perfect Pair Music Camp in 2011, bassists Julie Slick and Marco Machera started collaborating in April 2014 to play a short run of shows in Tuscany, after Julie's European tour with The Crimson ProjeKCt. Very spontaneously, some brand-new songs were written during a couple of days rehearsals and played to very appreciative Italian audiences. The impromptu ‘bass duets’ ended up being so satisfying and well-received that Julie and Marco eventually decided to write more material together and record an album. Nearly one month later, “Fourth Dementia” was completed. It's not quite what one would expect from a couple of traditionally low end instruments; the recording reinvents the role of solo electric bass and brilliantly displays the songwriting abilities of the duo; it's a captivating combination of loop music, ambient soundscapes and interlocking bass patterns, always melodic yet aggressive and edgy at times.

The bass guitar has a prominent role throughout the record, however more tracking was provided by acclaimed drummers Eric Slick and Pat Mastelotto, and violinist extraordinaire Sarah Anderson.

"Fourth Dementia" was promoted with a short tour of the east coast of the USA in January 2015, with concerts in Washington DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City. Julie and Marco were joined on stage by special guests Pat Mastelotto on drums (King Crimson, Mr. Mister, XTC, David Sylvian) and Philadelphia-based guitarist Tim Motzer (Ursula Rocker, David Sylvian, Secret Rhythms).

At the same time, the duo completed the recording and production of their second effort, "Le Fil Rouge", also with the help of their fan base, contributing to a fundraiser on Kickstarter. Machera says: "I feel this record marks a real leap forward for us. I still love Fourth Dementia and its spontaneity, but I'd say that Le Fil Rouge sounds a lot more organic, diverse and sophisticated." The album undoubtedly adds more layers to the sound palette of the duo: most of the songs were built around heavier riffs, with a strong emphasis on groove and occasional hints at dub bass lines, jungle and trip hop rhythms. "We also wanted to have more vocals this time", says Machera, who sings on "Mirror Writing" and "Die in Dust".
Out of the Beardspace
Out of the Beardspace
In a psychedelic explosion of sound and color, Out of the Beardspace expresses its wide range of emotions. Sections of improvisation flow seamlessly in and out of compositions which fuse jazz, pop, funk, rock, and more into a Beardly Beast that will certainly move you.

Having met as teenagers at the School of Rock, members of Beardspace have been making music together in some form or another for many years. As School of Rock students, they had the opportunity to tour in the US and Europe, perform with Rock Stars like Jon Anderson (Yes) and Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), and play at music festivals like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Zappanale in Germany.

Upon graduation, different musical projects emerged which eventually converged into one: Out of the Beardspace. Since their formation in 2011, Beardspace has made a name for themselves by sharing their unique sound with audiences up and down the East Coast. They have appeared at countless venues and festivals sharing bills with bands like Moon Hooch, Lettuce, Consider the Source, Eoto, and more. They are also becoming a pillar of the DIY festival scene with their own festival Beardfest.

In a world where entertainment is too often reduced to a passive spectator/performer relationship; and where social interactions are too often reduced to quick moments of stolen time; and appreciation of nature is too often kicked aside for the pride of progress; Beardfest attempts to be a breath of fresh air. Lovers of music, art, nature, and knowledge look forward to an all-encompassing event every year.
HmfO: A Hall & Oates Tribute
HmfO: A Hall & Oates Tribute
From the folks who brought you Start Making Sense comes the next chapter in their book of rewrites, HmfO.

Hall and Oates are the #1 selling duo of all time. There is no one better than fellow Keystone Staters, HmfO, to bring their music back to the masses. Expect both accurate representations of the band's material as well as deep explorations into the far reaches of space and back. Possibly a mustache or two. Expect perfection.
Venue Information:
The Ardmore Music Hall
23 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA, 19003