ADA Access

Ardmore Music Hall is an ADA accessible venue, with no steps to enter the club through our main entrance on Lancaster Avenue.  We are here to accommodate the individual needs of every guest who joins us for a concert, and our staff is available to assist with questions or accommodations both in advance (reserving specific seating as requested) or at the door on the night of a show.

Our dance floor is the same elevation as our front entrance, and is accessible to all patrons.  During concerts with larger attendance that may make sight lines more difficult, we set up an ADA section directly adjacent to the stage.  This section is kept clear to ensure that we can deliver an enjoyable viewing and overall concert experience for all guests. Our Reserved Seating section, if you choose to purchase a ticket for that area, is an elevated platform with 3 steps up. Our staff is available and happy to assist as needed in getting on and off the platform.

AMH has men’s and women’s restrooms located downstairs, with grab bars as well as appropriately wide stall doors. On nights when the venue is at full capacity, it can be difficult at times to work through the crowd to get to the bathrooms.  However, the ADA section on those busier nights is located about 20 feet from the bathrooms, and our AMH security team is always available to help clear a larger path through the audience.

Please feel free to direct any questions or assistance needed to our customer service team, by sending an inquiry to: