Golden Gate Wingmen
2 Nights!

Golden Gate Wingmen ft. John Kadlecik, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane & Reed Mathis

Under 21 With Guardian
John Kadlecik (Furthur + DSO), Jeff Chimenti (Dead + Company), Jay Lane (Ratdog + Wolf Bros), + Reed Mathis (Billy + the Kids)

Golden Gate Wingmen

The Golden Gate Wingmen are a band formed by John Kadlecik late in 2014. The band, featuring Jeff Chimenti,Jay Lane, & Reed Mathis, plays original songs and covers, including Grateful Dead material, as well as extended improvisational jams. Everyone in this group has played extensively with ongoing projects led by surviving members of the Grateful Dead, and everyone brings their first-hand training to the Golden Gate Wingmen. The Fellowship of the Wing is a spin-off band, forming spontaneously when only 3 out of 4 Wingmen are available and a substitute (usually Todd Stoops) is called for the "sortie."

Venue Information:
The Ardmore Music Hall
23 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA, 19003