Funky Brunch & Market: Local Vendors, Local Music, Beer & Brunch

Funky Brunch & Market: Local Vendors, Local Music, Beer & Brunch

The Whiskeyhickon Boys, Hannah Taylor & The Rekardo Lee Trio

January 21 · Sunday

Doors: 10:30 am / Show: 10:30 am (event ends at 3:00 pm)


This event is all ages

Funky Brunch & Market
Funky Brunch & Market
Local Vendors, Local Food, Beer, & Brunch

Funky Brunch & Market is an indoor craft fair and vendor market series hosted at the Ardmore Music Hall. Happening next on October 22nd from 11AM to 4PM, the event features a variety of local vendors, brunch menu, and live music. Admission for the event is free, and all ages are welcome.

We are currently accepting Vendor Applications for January 21st and Feb 18th

January 21st application:

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The Whiskeyhickon Boys
The Whiskeyhickon Boys
Uniquely Energizing, Fun, Folksy, and Extreme talent are the terms used to describe this trio known to dish out huge doses of Mother Funkin’ Gangsta Folk! The sounds in their repertoire of award winning originals, interspersed with covers make all their stuff sound brand new enabling them to entertain and simply WOW audiences of all ages.

This group also recognized as a minimalistic power trio brings Funk, Blues, Rap, and Scat influences and whatever else they feel when they hit the stage. Their energy is contagious and always contributes to the excitement and eccentric sound that presents itself when the feeling moves them. They pretty much are a different sound each and every time they perform.
This Trio is certainly worth seeing…guaranteeeeeeed!!!
Hannah Taylor & The Rekardo Lee Trio
Hannah Taylor & The Rekardo Lee Trio
Hannah Taylor was born a little orphan girl to a black bear in the woods of Upstate New York. She was raised on blackberries and moonshine. As an adult, she ventured to Philadelphia, home of the Citywide Special and Country Night at Bob & Barbara's Lounge, a place where she quickly found a home crooning old school country and breaking boy's hearts left and right. But she missed the bears.

“We couldn’t take it anymore, so we split,” says former Jesse Lundy Band drummer Alec Meltzer. Joining him were bassist Chris Bicksler and guitarist Rekardo Lee.

Formed almost 10 years ago, the Trio has gone through several formats focused on blues and rock. The initial plan was to act as the backing band for area artists for one-off shows, giving the trio the opportunity to find their own voice by constantly challenging themselves with new music. But then they met up with Hannah and were wooed by her sultry, yet sassy singing style and stage presence. Following her long stint as Aretha Franklin's backup singer, they called her up and the band instantly locked into a rockabilly/blues format that sat nicely among all their tastes.

Rockabilly, country and rock fans alike agree… Despite a lack of male pompadours, the band knows how to keep the dance floor hopping and the drinks flowing.
Venue Information:
The Ardmore Music Hall
23 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA, 19003