Music Club

The Ardmore Music Club: free & discounted tickets, free drinks, sellout alerts, and more! The Ardmore Music Club is the best way to get more out of your AMH experience.


($149) Friend Level Membership Benefits include:

  • -1 free ticket to an AMH show of your choice
  • -$40 drink voucher
  • -Portable AMH battery charger
  • -Frequent discounted and free ticket offers
  • -Early show announcements and sellout alerts
  • -Member exclusive events & happy hours
  • -Exclusive access to select AMH concert recordings

($329) Ambassador Level Membership Benefits include:

  • -All Friend Level benefits
  • -Complimentary Premiere Reserved Seating For Every Show with Purchase of GA Ticket (Rules and Restrictions Apply)
  • -No Ticket Fees (Rules and Restrictions Apply)
  • -Access to signed posters at member exclusive events






Why should I join the Ardmore Music Club?
We believe that our community is what makes AMH a truly special place and a home-away-from-home for many people. Our goal for the Ardmore Music Club is to express our appreciation for loyal fans, by providing them with a unique venue experience and a direct connection to what’s happening behind the scenes at AMH. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our community! Thanks for being a part of it.

What’s included in the membership package?
While most of the package elements are delivered electronically via regular email updates, there are several tangible items that make up an AMH membership package. They include a $35 drink/food voucher good for any items at the bar or on the menu,  a 2017 AMH Messenger Bag, and an AMH lighter and bumper sticker.

How long is my membership valid?
Memberships for the Ardmore Music Club are valid for 12 months and expire one year from date of purchase.

How do I receive my membership package?
Unless otherwise requested, all membership packages will be available for pickup from the venue after a specified date TBA. Once the packages are complete, we will email everyone who purchased and let them know the packages are ready to be picked up.

Can I purchase my membership right at the venue?
Yes! Just stop by the venue box office during our normal hours to purchase an Ardmore Music Club membership with cash or credit card.

How will I receive the ticket discounts?
All membership communication will be handled via email. Members must have a valid, working email address in order to receive regular ticket discounts and other venue offers.

What are the rules & restrictions relating to ‘no ticket fees’?
This refers to the fact that there is a specific process for purchasing tickets without service fees. In order to apply this benefit, Ambassadors must contact us via email before purchasing tickets, as we are not able to retroactively remove fees from an order that has already been processed. From there, we will contact Ambassadors and process orders over the phone. This benefit can be applied to no more than two tickets per show. Additionally, Ambassadors must submit their requests for tickets without fees at least 7 days before a given show in order to guarantee we will contact them before the show. These requests are subject to remaining ticket quantities. If you contact us after a show has sold out, we will not be able to provide you with tickets.

How can I apply my complimentary reserved seating upgrade?
Complimentary reserved seating is valid for Ambassadors plus one guest. Additional guests must purchase a Reserved Seating ticket at the regular price. To apply this benefit, Ambassadors should follow the same steps as they would when buying tickets without fees. Please send us an email indicating which shows you would like reserved seating for, and we will contact you within a week to process your order over the phone. Like the no-ticket-fee requests, reserved seating upgrades must be requested at least 7 days before a given show in order to guarantee accommodation. Requests will not be honored at the door the day of the show. *If you have already purchased tickets for concerts in 2017 and would like to upgrade them to include reserved seating, please contact us at

Additional questions?
Email us at and we can help answer any of your questions about Ardmore Music Club!